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The “Sweet Spot” Of Indie Artist’s Social Media Engagement

Pointless Buzzword or Important Tactic? Engagement with fans is something that pops up on almost every single “social media tips” article—whether it be directed at artists or brands. Engagement is quickly turning into one of those words that comes up so often that we start to just skip over it while reading (see SEO). While…

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5 Artists Who Are Doing Social Media Marketing RIGHT

While we could do a list of 5,000 artists who are doing social media wrong, we think it might be a little more helpful to share with you 5 artists who are doing social media marketing right. This list has nothing to do with the quality of these artists’ music or our personal preference for their…

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10 Simple Music Marketing Tips

10 Simple Music Marketing Tips For Indie Artists

We live in a strange time. With the internet exploding in exponential chaos, we find almost all aspects of our lives are splintering to take new shapes and forms because of this hyper-connectivity. The music industry—and the artists creating within it—finds itself in a place of constant change. Finding target demographics is now a breeze with…

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Brands Were Branding

It’s crazy! Brands were picking identities and going deep with their commercials tonight. Single identities with clearly definable attributes. No complex (and confusing) identities. Everyone picked a beautiful, simple reflection of society and went as deep as they could in 30-60 seconds. Great job everyone! It’s been awhile since I have seen consumer brands pick…

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See Spot Run – Spotify!

Why are artists and labels fleeing Spotify? Why are they deciding at this exact moment to stand up against the man and start an anti-Spotify revolution. Well, I guess the true question is why are artists and labels running from their fans? Let’s take some time to look at the Spotify model. For those unfamiliar…

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Is Social Media For Selling

Social Media is a way to market to consumers. It’s a way to let them know what you want to sell them, to make sure they are aware of the latest song, t-shirt, concert, or product. WRONG. That’s the number one misconception that I find when hearing people describe how they use social media. They…

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